What is the best Road Bike

Wherever you look, almost in every month or more you see a new bike in the stores which only makes the competition much harder and the good bikes with high quality much expansive.

Since 2015 is not over yet, we can’t determine the best road bike yet but we can definitely choose the one that took the throne of 2014. The choice is far from easy since they are some good quality bikes that blew everybody’s mind so it is really hard to determine which one is the best without mistaking.

In 2014 the road bikes that really stood out and changed many people’s lives, which were tested by professional’s cyclists and amateur as well and according to their opinions and experience; 2014 have been the best time to purchase a bike because of the high standards and quality of these road bikes.

These bikes were judged according to their performance, budget and several other categories, several bikes excelled in one category or two at the time but the winner and queen of road bikes in 2014 managed to balance all the qualifying in amazing way all the wanted qualifications and quality.


List of Best Road Bike on market

Bowman Palace Road Bike:

The Bowman Palace has managed to claim the title of the bike with the best frame, thanks to its stiff aluminum that weighs 1200 g. Not to mention that electric blue color adds to it much more value and beauty. This bike is so smooth and easy to direct with its well made handling that is far from being skittish unlike other bikes.

Its famous frame that granted it a place among the best was originally in the UK by the bowman company itself. In addition to all these qualifications, you can actually this road bike for only 650 euro or less.



On-One Pickenflick Road Bike:

In the category of the most adventurous road bikes that enables you to climb hills and drive in bumpy roads without keeping you sweating and putting too much effort in it, The On-One Pickenflick road bike is exactly what you are looking for.

This bike is the best for cyclists, who are looking for 1 h of cycling or more throughout a forest or a bumpy road thanks to its big tiers that makes the ride easier and much more comfortable.

Its price ranges from 1.499 or less.


Hewitt Alpine Audax Frameset Road Bike:

This bike managed to steal 2 titles at one time which are the category of the best touring and audax plus the best framest and joint.

This bike is so light, stiff and very comfortable especially if you equipped it with the Alpine frame that have an oversized tubes as well as a semi-compact top that was made by Andy Robinson in his own shop.

The paint is simply amazing; it is one of the first things that stand out in this bike as it electric neon green. This bike starts from 1350 euro.



BTwin Triban 500 SE Road Bike:

Last but not least the title of the most affordable and cheapest road bike with a nice quality is definitely for the one and only BTwin Triban 500 SE. Its 330 euro made sure to guarantee it a seat among the elite.

Equipped with a carbon fork, gear shifters and tiers, brakes as well as wheels, all these qualifications and gears for this simple price is one of the best deals ever.



Four bikes, each one of them held the title of a category but only the queen had managed to combine all these categories in one single bike.

One of the first road bikes to be equipped with vast road disc brakes; which makes it much smoother thanks to its 28 mm tiers and gel bar tape. Another thing that made this bike more popular is that you can use it everyday to get to work and run your errands but once the summer comes you can start your cycling journey and discover the beauty of nature as well as keep a healthy shaped body all the time.

On top all of that you can get this queen for only 2499 or less, in comparison with its qualifications and quality it is quite cheap; especially when it is equipped with shimano’s brand new hydraulic brake levers and the RS685 mechanical shifters.

The 2014 road bikes queen is the one and only Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Disc.

2015 might have come with new sets of bikes that are loaded with new features but this bike will always have a place among the best.