Top 4 Road Bikes for women in 2015

There is no rule against women using regular mountain road bikes, as there is also no law that says there is a specific category of road bikes for men only and another one for women but there is no harm in inventing specific road bikes for women.
Since the body of women is different from the men, many brands chose to start a new type of road and mountain bikes as well to suit women’s bodies and provide them with nice and comfortable ride.
Many brands excelled in this industry and provided women with some magnificent, amazingly designed road bikes that are equipped with high quality new features to give the ride a memorable ride but only few of them managed to dominate the industry and presented some shockingly wonderful road bikes with high quality although it they are bit pricy.
The top 4 road bikes that managed to steal the heart of almost every women who love cycling are:

1. Liv Envie Advanced Pro 1:

Used by many athletes and professionals, this bike has managed to be one of the top 5 in this industry. It is equipped with a carbon fiber frame and fork and 16.2 lbs which made it fast and light at the same time. With the Shimano Ultegra Di2 and the smooth Giant SpeedControl SL Ti brakes this is the best thing you can ask for.

The only disadvantages that this bike have is that it might be too light, so it recommended to be used by professionals and people who knows what there doing because a gust of wind might cause to lose its balance.

You can find it for 5,300 dollars or less.



2. Cannondale Supersix Evo Women’s Hi-Mod Black Inc:

This road bike is considered one of the best if not the best road bike ever made for women specifically, it is pure bliss.
So far no body have managed to find at least one bad thing about it, it 100 % well built and designed by the elite.
For 8,100 dollars you will get a Carbon fire BB30 frame, a carbon fire fork as well, Fizik Vesta saddle and the amazing Mavic Ksyrium SLS WTS wheelset; not to mention that it only weigh 14.2 lbs which means it is super light and smooth.

It is amazing from every aspect; you can always use it to go on long rides, exercise or run your errands as well feeling comfortable and confidant as well. It might be somewhat expansive but for the new features and quality this bike gives you, makes it worth it.



3. Specialized Amira SL4 Pro Race:

The specialized Amira is stiff, smooth and nice road bike that was made for women, it goes down and climb hills easily compared to other bikes.
It is also equipped with carbon fire frame and fork which make it quite sturdy plus a Specialized Women’s Expert handlebar and a Specialized Body Geometry Women’s Oura Expert Gel saddle that is so comfortable especially for long rides.
Everything about this road bike screams: simple, durable, sturdy and strong it is definitely and keeper and with the right ware it will last for years to come.
It is available for 5.600 dollars, only when you try this bike that you know how this price is cheap in comparison with freeing and amazing sensation it gives you when you ride it.



4. Ridley Liz C 10:

This is one of the best bikes in 2015 that offers an amazing and smooth ride as well as an amazing quality for somewhat a cheap price. It is also known for its high performance thanks to its 24-ton high mod, uni-directional carbon fiber construction, double water bottle mounts and replaceable rear derailleur hanger frame, Liz carbon fork in addition to the Shimano Ultegra brakes and 4ZA Stratos Lady that provides you with the most comfortable ride ever.

In addition to the Fulcrum Racing 5 LG wheelset and Continental Ultra Sport II FB 700x25c you can get it for 2.650 dollars that quite cheap in comparison with what it has to offer.




Women has never been luckier, now you have the choice of picking out a road bike from the regular ones that both women and men us or you can invest in an amazing road bike that is made especially for you to perfectly suit you and give you the best experience in your life.