Top 7 Mistakes Beginner Cyclists Make

Most of kids, when you give them a bar of chocolate, the first thing they do is to stuffing it in their mouth. They don’t bother to taste it first and see what it is made of; if it is bitter they quickly spit it out.

Beginner cyclists are not much different, once you see someone riding a road bike, or you know someone who want to sell a road bike for a very cheap price you quickly jump on the opportunity and buy that bike without testing it or even seeing if it will fit you.

Your excitement and desire for having a road bike, blind you momentarily and prevent you from seeing the mistakes you are about to make.

It is okay to make mistakes, but when it comes to road bikes cycling you won’t anymore. Why would you waste your money and have bad experience with you road bike when you can simply read some few tips that will save you a lot of time, money and effort as well.

1.Buying the cheapest bike:

Purchasing a road bike doesn’t mean that you have to buy the cheapest bike ever and not test it. Whether you are buying a cheap, expansive, new or used bike the first thing you need to do is to try it. Ride it and make some few laps with it to make sure that it fits you perfectly; it is all about the size. If you sense that it is a little bit uncomfortable, don’t waste your money on it; instead look for another appropriate one.


2.Train before you go for long distances:

Beginner cyclists often think that they can gracefully ride their new bikes and cycle for long distances like professionals; that is false. You need to train your body for few weeks or months, whatever works for you to handle cycling for long distances. Start by cycling for few min then increase them gradually to test your body’s limits. Those professionals who you keep seeing on TV have been through the same process as you so there is nothing to be ashamed about.

If you chose to drive your road bike for in the first time for a long distance, be sure that you will end up hurting yourself badly.


3.Understand your bike:

Once of the first thing you need to do right after purchasing you new road bike understanding it. Run as much researches as you can on internet and search for review of it on forums. By understanding it you will be able to choose the right gear for it without spending your money on useless equippements. Not to mention that you will be able to repair it sometimes yourself without having to pay for it.


4.Stop neglecting your body:

Most beginners think that cycling is only about purchasing a road bike, well the bad news is “it is not true”, cycling is much more then that.

You can just purchase a road bike and expect to be able to ride it for long distances; it won’t happen with your lazy body. With cycling comes responsibility, you need to start eating healthy and exercise often.

By exercising and eating healthy, you will prevent your body from being exposed to many injuries, not to mention that you will also fuel it and provide it with strength to cycle for a very long distances you never imagined you can go for.


5.Fuel your body before the ride:

Cycling with an empty stomach is a bad habit that might causes you some serious issues with your health, because you force your body to make an effort without providing it with the strength to do it.

That is why it is very important for you to eat something healthy before going on your bike, fruits a great energy provider that will help keep up.


6.Respect the rules of the road:

Riding a road bike doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and break the rules of the road, these rules apply to you as well. Your road bike won’t prevent you from going in an accident, only you can do that.


7.Practice before riding with a group:

Beginner cyclists think that riding with a group is as easy as riding alone; which often makes them end up with some injuries.

Riding with a group has nothing to do with riding alone, if you don’t know how to ride with a group don’t even think about doing so; because you won’t only hurt yourself but many other people at the same time.

Start riding with your family and friends to learn how you can ride next to people without crashing into them.

By following these simple 7 advices, you will save yourself from lot of trouble and disappointment.

Today you are a beginner but tomorrow you can become a professional.