5 Skills That Every Cyclist Should Master Before Riding with a Group

Many people might look to cycling as an easy hobby that requires nothing but a bike, whereas only professional and beginner cyclists knows how much it actually takes to ride a bike properly.

Cycling is not about riding a bike and pedaling, if that is what you think, then think again and read this article. Cycling is actually a set of rules and skills combined to give you a comfortable, smooth and professional ride that satisfy you mentally and physically.

Cycling is not only about running errands and getting from place to another; it is about losing weight, making friends, getting close to nature, exercisingSo when you ride a road bike, you are actually benefiting your body in more then one way.

Beginners mostly tends to find it a bit hard to ride smoothly like an expert in a group, so they end up trying too hard and failing because they don’t have any idea about what they need to do to become a professional cyclists and taste the true meaning of riding a bike in a group.

If you want to improve yourself in a record time and ride like an expert, all you have to do is to master these simple 5 skills:

1. Set Your Pace Properly:

When you ride with a group of cyclists or alone, you notice that some cyclists are actually fast so you feel bound to speed up and reach them or beat them.

This idea is completely wrong, so what if you can’t drive as fast as your team mates or other cyclists; you are beginner and still on your way to practice and learn, the last thing you should do is be embarrassed of your speed. What you should do is to set a comfortable pace for you that won’t exhaust you, a pace that will keep you on track.

If you decide to speed up and go with a speed that is more then you can handle, then get ready for some sore muscles and the possibility of hurting yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or last, what you should do is to set your pace and start improving it bit by bit.


2. Check Before Turning and Passing:

One of the important things that cyclists tend to forget and might cause a huge danger for there team mates, is checking before turning and passing.

If there is a slow rider in front of you or if you feel that rush of adrenaline and want to speed up little bit, the first thing you need to do is to check behind you and on both sides before you do so.

If you didn’t check, you will end knocking whoever is driving behind you and that cyclist will end up knocking other riders beside him; which will cause a chain of riders to fall because of you and they might end up hurting badly in the process.



3. Stay away from Traffic and Small Spots:

Once you are giving the sign to start pedaling, you are bound to wobble at first and stumble little bit; that is why you have to make sure there is an enough space around you to ride your bike easily.

If you were standing in small spot and surrounded by another riders, you might end up knocking them to the ground and hurting them. That is why you have to make sure there is enough space for you to adjust your bike and start pedaling.


4. Adjust Your Saddle To Your Liking:

Cyclists tends to ride with their saddle high, but if for a second you felt that you can’t ride it high or you not comfortable with it at first, don’t hesitate to lower it.

Keep your saddle low even though if the race started, once you feel comfortable and ready to raise it stop for a while and do it. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it; the whole point of riding is for you to be happy and satisfied with yourself.


5. Master The Art of Braking:

One of the most important skills that cause many people to hurt themselves is braking, because they tend to be confused whether they need to use the front or the rear brakes when they have to.

You don’t want to face that problem while riding with a group, so all you have to do so is to practice braking in different positions and situations until you can do it with you eyes close. Always start with the front breaks but be careful to not pull to hard, because you will end up on the ground.

You need to learn when to use the front breaks, the rear brakes and when to use them both at the same time.


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