The Difference Between Women’s Road bike and Men’s

Since road bikes were invented for the first time and throughout many years, they stayed as handy way of transportation used by men only since women were more of aristocrats’ housewives that must stay at home, fortunately that era is over. Road bikes became a popular way of transportation as well as hobby among men and women as well, which made some road bikes inventors to think about customizing a special road bikes for women.

Women are different from men in many different ways and the same thing apply on their bodies, so when women rides regular bikes their ride might be uncomfortable and they might as well get hurt in more then one way because the design of the bike doesn’t accommodate their bodies.

Many people might not notice the difference between men’s road bikes and women’s, but they are there, in some case only professional cyclists can notice it.

Some of the differences between the two genders road bikes are:

1. The structure of the frame:

Unlike men, women actually have short torsos with long legs which make it harder and uncomfortable for them to ride. By providing there bikes with shorter top tubes to accommodate their bodies and make it more comfortable to ride and bend whenever they want without hurting themselves in the process.


2. The handle bars:

Since the men’s bodies tend to be wider and there hands are bigger and taller, there bikes are equipped with longer and wider handle bars to fit there size perfectly. When a woman decide to ride a men’s bike, her small or medium frame as well as hands won’t fit well and she won’t have a good grasp on the handle bar.

In contrast, women’s bikes are equipped with smaller handle bars that fit their gentle and small hands and when a man decides to ride he will be too much bigger then the bike frame.


3. Seat Shape:

Road bikes seats are quite different from each other to fit the pelvis area. For men, there seats are narrower and longer then usual unlike women who there seats are wider to fit there bones perfectly.


4. Gearing:

Men’s bikes tend to be somewhat heavy, but in women’s case there gearing is often light which makes it easier for them to climb hills and cycle easily without putting too much efforts into it.

5. Color Themes:

As it is known, many women are more into some light colors like, purple, pinkWith women road bikes, you don’t have to settle for the usual dark colors or the white color all the time, you still can be feminine and get the girly mix of colors you always wished for. From pink to orange, purple, red, white, neon green, one color or mix of colorsEverything that a woman need is now available in her own road bike.

Now that you know the differences between women and men’s road bikes, all you need is some few tips to make sure that you purchase the right bike; one that will give you a professional and comfortable ride whether it is men or women road bike.




1. Test ride it:

Whether you are purchasing an expansive or cheap road bike, you have to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Ask the seller to take it in a test ride and ride it as much as you can to make sure that it accommodates your body and allow you to cycle bend and turn easily. Make sure you feet reach the pedals comfortably without having to stretch you legs.


2. Check the frame length:

Make sure that your hands reach the handlebars perfectly while your back is flat not scrunched up or bent.

Make sure that your seat is balanced and will keep you comfortable during your ride without causing you any unnecessary pain.


3. Check the handlebars:

Make sure that you can grasp the handlebar easily and that it fit your hands perfectly, it must not be too wide or too small for your hands.

Make sure the stem of you handle bars is not too short or long, because you won’t be able to adjust or change it if you wanted too.

No matter how a road bike is expansive, cheap or with a good quality, it is very important that it fit and goes will with your body. You still can ride a road bike for men or women, whatever you are comfortable with; the good thing is that you won’t have to settle for one choice anymore. Set your budget, test a road bike then pay for it and go on your way to a bright healthy new future.